Ace Global Heights Composite Solutions

Ace Global Heights Composite is a full-service turnkey provider and specialist engineering company with extensive experience and expertise in the field of Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites, able to provide FRP Solutions to a large range of Industries across Nigeria and Africa.

A leader in the field of composites in Nigeria, the company delivers standard as well as customized solutions that are ideal replacements for conventional materials. Ace Global Heights Composite  specializes in the design and manufacture of FRP (fibre reinforced polymer) tanks, vessels, piping systems, gratings & pultruded products, protection enclosures and custom designed process equipment, particularly for high temperature, pressure and corrosive media and utilises FRP, thermoplastic and advanced composite materials.  With the capability to provide assessment and site inspection services, we can determine and advise the most appropriate FRP solution to complex issues and deliver it with our own specialist workforce.

About FRP Composite

The term FRP or GRP, which is common throughout the industry, refers to a plastic (polymer) that has been reinforced with glass fibers. Fibers provide strength, dimensional stability and heat resistance. Additives are easily incorporated into resin systems to provide pigmentation, flame retardance, weather resistance, superior surface finish, low shrinkage and other desirable properties.

Final properties are determined by many factors including the type, amount, and composition of the resin systems and reinforcements. In addition, the use of additives can greatly affect the properties. The resulting composites are generally strong, lightweight, corrosion resistant, thermally and electrically non-conductive and virtually maintenance free.

Why Ace Global FRP Composite Solutions

Combining unmatched corrosion/impact/abrasion resistance with light weight, high strength, better ergonomics, low maintenance, long life and safety, Ace Global Heights Composites sets the standard for high quality advanced fiber reinforced polymer (FRP/GRP) composite products and services that are proven to deliver years of reliable service, even in the most demanding environmental conditions — conditions which cause conventional metallic, concrete and wood products to deteriorate rapidly.

We can engineer materials to meet the needs of specific project/product applications. We understand how to help you achieve your goals whether it’s in food and beverage industry, oil & gas, petrochemical, fertilizer, waste water management, water purification, mining and minerals, water treatment plants, chemical processing, architecture along with other industrial application. Our knowledge of fibre tensile strength, resin characteristics, and moulding technologies allows us to evaluate the requirements of a given application and create a material to meet those needs.