Engineering and Consultancy Services

Ace Global Heights offers full Engineering and Design services covering all FRP Composites, Infrastructure Protection and Environmental Solutions to a wide range of industries and markets across Nigeria and the West Africa region. All our solutions are in-house designed by our local engineering team or/and international Joint Venture (JV) partners, which has extensive experience in these fields.

All our designs are customer specific, based on the intended application and situation as well as international standards and regulations. From initial concept design, through detailed engineering and design, Ace Global Heights  engineering team traditionally work closely with our Clients in understanding the key project drivers, considering process alternatives, undertake value engineering, safety and hazard reviews and incorporation of external and environmental factors to provide cost-effective and appropriate solutions. Our engineers have access to advanced design and engineering software to compliment years of experience.

Engineering capabilities include:

  • Detailed mechanical and electrical design
  • An array of CAD/CAE Design software packages
  • 3D plant design
  • In-house capabilities for design and programming of control systems
  • Stress analysis and static calculations for various scrubbers, vessels, tanks and pipes.
  • Project and construction management, both for basic and detailed designs

Ace Global Heights considers and incorporates into our design objectives or requirements specified by local and national authorities, as well as outcomes of environmental impact assessment and in-house plant experience to mitigate environmental impacts. Additionally, reliability, redundancy as well as buffer capacities are also considered together with our Clients. International guidelines or regulations such as USEPA or EU standards are often referenced in addition to or in the absence of local and national requirements.

Ace Global Heights  is continuously engaged in research and development to enhance quality and productivity during the engineering, procurement and construction phases of projects. Areas of R&D include development of in-house software and new workflows, as well as acquiring and implementing the latest design technology available for EPC projects such as laser scanning of existing facilities for revamp projects, and plant lifecycle data standardization (ISO-15926). Ace Global Heights in-house software cover specialized requirements as well as gaps between commercially available software.

Ace Global Heights  has established a strong and reliable communications backbone that enables multi-location engineering and procurement collaboration activities, and facilitates optimal and timely exchange of information with job sites and client’s offices.