Flooring Solutions

Serving a wide range of facilities across Nigeria and other West African Countries since 2016, Ace Global Heights Flooring Solutions is an innovative leader in the research, development, engineering, procurement, installation and maintenance of solutions-oriented polymer flooring, and lining systems from epoxy flooring systems to polyurethane concrete flooring systems to FRP composite flooring systems, we utilize the most advanced materials and the most trusted brands in the industry taking into account design life, operational requirements, construction joints, floor-to-wall connections, surface design and installation details.

By integrating our expertise knowledge with quality products and commitment to innovative technology allows us to deliver dedicated response and customize solutions to complex and demanding structural challenges including class-A super flat floors, heavy duty industrial resin floors, extreme chemical resistant floors, food-grade and healthier environment floors, waterproofing floors, sports facility flooring, concrete polished floors, decorative floors, floor repair, countertops, basement decks, walkways, loading bays and car parks.

We provide flooring solutions nationwide and can fulfil any flooring need, regardless of size, environment or function. Through exemplary service and consistent, high-quality installation, Ace Global Heights has established itself as a leader in the polymer flooring industry, and one of the largest floor contractors in the local Nigerian market