FRP/GRP Custom Fabrications & Non-Standard Products

Part of being a regional industry leader means knowing how to adapt to fluctuating markets while providing turnkey solutions to complex problems; but it also means that we have deep experience in R and D, engineering, manufacturing/ production and delivery of services.

We have the capacity, capability and technical know-how to provide custom FRP components and non-standard products with precision- tailored to your needs. More importantly, we go the distance to make sure we exceed your expectations in terms of quality and service. We Provide Custom FRP Solutions That Enhance Your Competitive Edge

We provide custom FRP components that are designed for constructability for Cooling Tower, Tank and Tanker, Auto-body Parts, Large Diameter Pipe and Tank add-ons, Flue Gas Desulphurization, Industrial ventilation, Baffle Walls, Inlet Bell/Fan Casing/Shroud, Environmental, Architectural, Platforms/walkways/Decking, Bridges, Stairs/railing/fences, Recreational,

Regardless of industry we will place a high value on skills that are our key strengths: outside-the-box problem solving, abrasion, corrosion resistance, engineering support, technical services, on-site modifications, and project management. We can make just about anything out of FRP and can match it to your specific mechanical, chemical, or physical stipulations.

In addition to understanding how to fabricate and interface a wide range of custom add-ons with FRP pipe, ductwork, tanks, and vessels, we also take things to the next level – aesthetics. We take over 7 years of composite rich history and confidence and turn out high quality FRP products and components that are aesthetically pleasing