General Contracting

Ace Global Heights as General Contractor has made great strides with numerous building and industrial projects within the Nigeria market. 

Ace Global Heights was initially set up to carry out the business of general contracts, sales and supplies of general goods, manufacturers’ representatives, sales agents, building contractors, importation of building materials, installation and maintenance of telecom equipment, etc., and over the years, it has evolved into a company capable of handling the largest of turnkey contracts.

Today, Ace Global Heights is a leading general contracting company with many years of experience in diverse areas of construction having Special Grade for all kind water engineering projects, building projects, road project, oil and gas project, telecom projects contracting. 

EPC, CSA & MEP Capabilities

Operating at the forefront of our industry, we leverage on our EPC, CSA & MEP capabilities and achievements to maximize our clients interest. We pride ourselves on collaborating with client teams and developing long-term relationships, while striving to optimize our clients’ project planning, delivery and operations; regardless of the size, environment or industry. Time and again, we are complimented for our dedication in providing innovative solutions by combining professional knowledge and skills with our diverse employees to deliver value to every project.

Multi-Member Team Approach

Our personal interest in your project assures our full commitment throughout the pre-construction and construction phases of the project. We have a proven track record of establishing effective working relationships with subcontractors, Client representatives, the A/E team and other consultants. Our team members achieve this through a commitment to the project, and to our client. We employ a multi-member team approach to manage your project. We believe using the strengths of our staff at different stages of project development provides a far greater value to the client.

Experienced Design Build Capabilities

To ensure higher quality, smooth delivery and partnership with architects and engineers, Ace Global Heights have embraced design-build project delivery for public and private clients. With experience on over 15 design-build projects, we have learned to work closely with owners and end users to create value, flexibility, and time savings in the pre-construction phase.

Ace Global Heights is adept at identifying design and construction challenges early in the process before they become costly changes down the road. Our Estimator will create and refine the program budget and make adjustments as needed. We are creative and innovative in searching for solutions and alternatives for value engineering ideas.

Cost Benefit Tools

We can help get your project off the ground by providing:  Preliminary estimates; Cost vs. benefit analysis; Cost savings options for budget control; Scheduling. Contact us to discuss your general contracting construction projects, industrial facilities, prestige residences in exclusive areas, and modular construction for school and government facilities

Infrastructure & Mega Earth Moving Projects

With support from our IJV partners, Ace Global Heights has recently expanded as a general contractor with capabilities in executing turnkey Infrastructure and mega earth moving projects. Ace Global Heights focus areas are:

  • High complex buildings.
  • Roads, Highways and Railways.
  • Underpasses, bridges and interchanges.
  • Major earth and reclamation works (Erosion Control, Coastal Protection, Landfill).
  • Turnkey Infrastructure Projects (Hospitals, Airports, Stadiums, etc.)
  • Site development works for industrial and petrochemical plants.
  • Tunnelling including related electrical and mechanical works.

High Profile Water Engineering Projects

Our water solution areas are:

  • Aqueducts, Dams, Hydropower projects.
  • Water, Ultrapure and Water treatment plants (WTP)
  • Pipeline construction & Water transmission systems (water, sewage and drainage).
  • Treated sewage effluent system (TSE) & Sewage treatment plants (STP),
  • Drainage, sewage systems, Waste water treatment plants & & Waste management facilities (WMF)

Industrial EPIC Projects

Recently Ace Global Heights has been a key contractor involved in design, procurement and construction of turnkey projects related to the following: industrial EPIC projects, Oil & Gas facilities, Power and desalination plants, Petrochemical plants, Industrial plants, HV substations, Waste management facilities, Water treatment plants, Water transmission systems, Tanks and reservoirs, Maintenance of petrochemical and industrial installations.

Our industrial technological solutions include among many: Storage Tanks, Process Tanks, Silos, Pipelines, Ducts, Air Pollution Control Systems, Scrubbing Towers, Cooling Towers, Incinerators, Oxidizers, Heat ex-changers, Pressure vessels, Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems, Waste Recycling Systems, Renewable Energy Systems, Steel structures, etc.

Modular Buildings

Ace Global Heights Contracting Services specializes in both permanent and relocatable modular building projects throughout Nigeria. Our permanent modular construction techniques combine the form and function of traditional site-built construction with the speed and cost efficiency of the modular construction process.

Permanent modular construction projects that Ace Global Heights Contracting Services specializes in include: modular schools, classrooms, restrooms, locker rooms, office space, commercial modular buildings, multifamily residential buildings, medical facilities, industrial building, ware houses, factories, green houses, modular refineries, etc. Ace Global Heights Modular’s high-quality construction has a life span that far surpasses the typical modular construction the industry has to offer. Ace Global Height’s design-build experience, project management, and dedicated professionalism show in every modular building we construct.

As a general contractor and a modular manufacturer, we are able to respond with greater flexibility to your specific needs and provide all-inclusive construction services with both raised floor and slab-on-grade floor designs.


Green Buildings

Ace Global Heights has the experience you need for your green building projects. We have worked on several Net Zero Energy, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), and CHPS (Collaborative for High Performance Schools) projects.

We can also help you implement one or several green building elements in your project regardless of whether it is a LEED, CHPS or Net Zero project. With our experience in green building, we can assure you that your building is water and energy efficient, has lower operating costs, and creates a healthier environment for all end users.

Sustainable Building Practices

Sustainable construction is about more than just energy efficiency and savings. It is about being mindful of the construction site that we are working on and the waste that we produce as a by-product. Ace Global Heights starts every project with a thorough review of the site and implements erosion control measures to protect the site, nearby waterways, and storm drains. We implement strict waste management controls so that everything that can be recycled will be recycled. The goal is to recycle at least 75% of project waste, but on individual projects we have diverted as much as 90% of project waste from the landfill.