Infrastructure Protection Solutions

 Ace global heights provides comprehensive infrastructure protection and rehabilitation services for the Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Municipal Infrastructure. Our execution capabilities and technology platform is unrivalled in the industry. We provide solutions for the needs of a wide range of infrastructures throughout their life cycle—from anti-corrosion coatings and lining services to flooring protection to roofing solutions to pipelines repair services to tanks and vessels to full building, bridges and roads rehabilitation.

Throughout Nigeria and other Africa countries, we apply our years of experience in the construction, replacement, protection, maintenance and rehabilitation of the structures which define our society. In some cases, that involves total turn-round maintenance of industries or rehabilitation of buildings or restoring structural integrity to pipelines to extend their useful lives. In others, it involves protecting our aging infrastructures from the corrosive or abrasive effects of substances they encounter.

In all cases, it means protecting our customers’ investments and allowing them to do their jobs reliably over a longer period of time.

About Infrastructure Protection

Every day, people’s lives and livelihoods depend on the well-being of industrial infrastructures, pipelines, refineries, roads, bridges, buildings and other municipal infrastructures. At Ace Global Heights, we are in the business of making sure these structures last. We provide services and solutions to protect, strengthen and maintain them — inside and out — before, during and after their construction.

Why Ace Global Heights Infrastructure Protection Solutions

As part of Ace Global Heights , Ace Global Heights Infrastructure Protection can access suppliers and resources globally. We offer full turnkey infrastructure protection solutions, including: vulnerability assessment and design services, supply, project management and construction. Our expertise across the full infrastructure protection range of disciplines allows us to bridge the gap between assessment, design and construction, enabling us to minimize delivery risks and offer true turnkey solutions, to exacting standards and specifications.

We are an entirely client focused organisation, and are committed to finding bespoke solutions for each and everyone. We understand that every client and every project is different. Whether it is for a new building or to increase the resilience of an existing asset, we relish the opportunity to best know our clients, understand their challenges and find solutions with them, that best suits their expectations.

Our proposition spans engineering and construction services that enable us to deliver a local turnkey asset protection service. Partnering with a specialist engineering consultancy, we offer the following services: