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The company has established its expertise in the field of fumes/dust extraction and ventilation systems, specializing in the efficient elimination of harmful fumes, gases, smoke, mist, and dust-laden air from the working environment. To cater to lighter loads such as welding fumes and chemical loading/unloading stations, we offer compact and portable units that ensure proper handling. Our custom-designed hoods and ductwork have consistently resulted in significant energy savings for our clients.

For chemical reactors or similar applications, our integrated tray-type scrubber ensures optimal gas-liquid contact. Built with corrosion-proof materials, this scrubber requires minimal maintenance. It is an economically viable and low-maintenance solution that operates at a low liquid flow rate, resulting in reduced effluent and the potential for material recovery.

To facilitate ventilation in containers, we provide centrifugal fans or blowers. Our range of air handling wheels is available in various constructions, including GRP/FRP/PP/PVC/PVDF and metallic options. These blowers utilize vinyl ester resin, offering exceptional mechanical strength and corrosion resistance.

In addition to fumes/dust extraction and ventilation systems, we also offer a diverse range of process equipment such as reaction vessels, storage tanks, pipelines, agitators, and more. For a comprehensive overview of our product range, we kindly request you to refer to our product listing.

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Composite Solution

The composite solution service provider typically works closely with the client to understand their needs and requirements. They then identity the necessary components and integrate them into a cohesive solution.

Infrastructure Protection

Infrastructure protection is important because disruptions to critical infrastructure can have severe consequences, including economic damage, loss of life, and national security risks. At Ace Global, we provide top notch services in this regards.

Environmental Technology

This service is aimed at reducing the negative impact of human activity on the environment, and promoting sustainable practices for a healthier planet.

EPC Service

PC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) services typically involve a single contractor who is responsible for the entire project from start to finish. At Ace Global, we offer seamless services that is oriented without any sense of doubt.

Research And Development

Through our R&D services, we help businesses and startups accelerate their product development process, reduce costs, and mitigate risks associated with R&D activities.

General Contracting

Part of our desired goal is to typically help in managing and overseeing your projects from start to finish with the best expertise. At Ace Global we guarantee you a top notch deliverables.

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