Specialized Protective Coatings

Complex applications demand highly specialized coatings. In addition to our industry-specific services, Ace Global Heights offers solutions that are formulated to meet challenging performance requirements and limitless application potential.

These include special protective coatings for safeguarding oil & gast infrastructure, power generation infrastructure, mining infrastructure, municipal infrastructure, marine & off-shore infrastructure, industrial & construction equipment and much more. Adding to our extensive anti-corrosion and waterproofing offering, these coatings are not only proven to protect and extend the service life of valuable assets, but also to deliver substantial environmental and economic benefits.

For industries affected by high operating temperatures, our heat resistant coatings prevent corrosion under insulation (CUI) and can be easily applied directly to hot steel. And for industries exposed to explosive risks such as chemical companies, refineries, defence and military, our anti-blast coatings can create another layer of security and can safeguard military equipment as well as commercial buildings from the dangerous impacts of explosions & bullets.

Further specialized solutions include our market leading innovative fire prevention intumescentĀ coatings, which are designed to provide stability and add fire retardant properties to areas that are either regulated or there is a desired additional level of safety.

In addition, Ace Global Heights offers a broad portfolio of other specialized protective coatings including: Electrical Insulation, UV & Environmental Protection, Structural Safety Coatings, Colour Coding & Signs Coatings, Healthier Environment & Food-Grade Systems, Water Repellent Coating, Insect/Mosquito Repellent Coatings, Anti-Fungal Waterproofing Coating, etc.